About Angle Grinding

This is a personal site, generated by Hugo, using the Book theme. The change history is available in the Sourcehut repository for the site, here. I reserve the right to destructively update refs (i.e., force push) on this repository, but if I do this I will endeavor not to disturb history relating to changes to site content.

Comment is welcome and encouraged via email to rep@anglegrinding.com. I may want to publish and respond to comments received, but I will ask correspondents for permission beforehand.

I use RSS feeds, but have not added one to this site because the Sourcehut log page for the site repository provides one. I have deliberately chosen not to use a blog format to avoid chronological sorting, but a site changelog is valuable and available there.

The site name is a triple entendre: “angle grinding” may refer to the physical act of abrading materials with an angle grinder, “grinding” away at a problem in geometry at the blackboard, or “grinding” (as in the stock phrase “an axe to grind”) an “angle” (one’s viewpoint, with a connotation of self-interest or at least some deviousness).